How to clean and reuse your candle jars

The day has come – you’ve burned your favorite candle down to the bottom of the container. Only a thin layer of wax remains between the candle and the garbage. But did you know that you can reuse your candle jars? Read on for tips on how to give your favorite candle a new life.

Cleaning Your Candle Jar 

  • First, you must remove any excess wax. Our favorite method is to place the candle in pot of simmering water (we usually heat water to a low boil in a pot on our stove). The hot water will melt down the wax and adhesive to the point where you can pour out the remaining wax into the garbage. After you've done that, take a paper towel and wipe out any excess wax. Finally, clean the container with soap and water to get the best clean possible. (Make sure you using an oven mit when handling the candle jar, as it will be very hot after heating it in water.)
  • WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT POUR EXCESS WAX DOWN THE DRAIN. Wax dries quickly, and it will clog your pipes.

Once you have a clean candle jar, there are endless possibilities of how you could purpose it for your home! Here are some simple ideas to get your started:

  • You could use it as a drinking glass, for cocktails, mocktails or your drink of choice. 
  • You could use it on your vanity to hold makeup brushes, or in your bathroom to hold toothbrushes or cotton swabs.
  • You could use it in your home office to hold pencils, pens and markers, or other supplies like thumb tacks, paper clips or other odds and ends.
  • You could use it to hold art supplies, like embroidery thread, glitter, stickers, beads and paint brushes.
  • You could use it as a vase to hold flowers, plants or succulents
  • You could use it as a decorative piece to hold seashells or sea glass.
  • What are some of the ways you like to reuse your candle jars? Leave a comment below!
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